How to change a list specific label?

Hi guys   i want to change a default system message for an empty list view, just  for one list view. Tried different things (javascript, css) but didnt work. Has anyone a working css/javascript for this?
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I sovled by doing like this:

(in my case it was just one screensize, so you might consider different screensizes and another setup for your usecase)


.customLabeledList >  ul > li > label
padding-top: 2%;
height: 33px;

.customLabeledList>  ul > li > label:before
{content:'No data found';
padding-left: 19%;



You can do this with css. If you open your project directory in file explorer and navigate to theme > styles > sass > lib > components and open the "listview.scss" file.

The class you want to change is ".mx-listview-empty". I set mine to display none

You can also create a custom class to apply to list views that will remove this (this is what I usually do). You can add this class to your "custom.scss" file.

.mx-listview-hide-noitems {
    .mx-listview-list {
        .mx-listview-empty {
            display: none;

then just give your listview the class "mx-listview-hide-noitems" (or whatever you name yours)


Hope this helps!