XML schema and RSS feed

Although this question is not a 100% Mendix specific one, I hope to get advice here anyways. Today I encountered the following issue while creating a custom XML Schema which I'd planned to use to retrieve an RSS feed. The problem originates from XML tags that include ':' (eg. <media:group> ). Therefore, need to do include '<xs:element name="media:group" type=".... >   in my custom schema. This is the error message that I get when I try loading the file into Mendix: Error: "Invalid 'name' attribute value 'media:group': 'The ':' character, hexadecimal value 0x3A, at position 5 within the name, cannot be included in a name... Is there a known workaround?
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One workaround would be:

  • Load the XML into a string variable using a REST GET action
  • Use a replace() function to find and replace instances of a : character with something allowed
  • (Modify your custom XML schema accordingly)
  • Use that modified string in an Import from Mapping action

Because it's a naming convention error, I believe you will need to have the xml names changed to something that Mendix can interpret. I.e. <MediaGroup>