Urgently need help

My name is Niels and i am working on my graduation Over the past 4 weeks i have been trying to get the "TelcoFieldServiceApp" working but now i am faced with the issue that my API Key is invalid (according to Mendix) I have created an account on google and generated all my API's and i have filled in CreateMasterData as is done in the example app but then i receive the following error: "Java action failed. java.io.IOException - Distance calculation was denied by Google. (Your API key might be invalid)" Eventhough i have used my own API key and ClientID Any help would be greatly appreciated, if you require additional details i will be happy to supply them My internship is almost at its end and GPS plays a vital role. Kind regards, Niels
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Does your log say anything more? Did you copy over all the functionality to a different project or are you still trying to get the Telco Field Service App running on its own?

Heb je verder nog iets in je log staan aan errors of meldingen? En heb je alle functionaliteit overgezet naar een nieuw project, of probeer je het originele Telco project eerst nog zelf werkend te krijgen?