Community effort on github is ignored

Dear Mendix, There are still some pending pull request in Mendix github repository. Your guideline says “feedback... within two weeks” However, I have still some requests open from August! and no comments at all. This is really demotivating to contribute to YOUR code. Please be so kind to pick up these requests, so everybody can benefit from the community contribution. I have also noted that some of the app store widgets are not updated directly after they are changed in the repository. Cheers, Andries
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Point taken. Our efforts on this have been too little.

I promise we will put our focus again on this in future.

We have been low on resources in the summer as a colleague left our team just before the summer. Internally we of course have the outlook on when we are able to turn the situation around, but that insight is not something being provided to the rest of the world. I sure do understand where your feeling is coming from and I therefor hope for your understanding by explaining the background of this situation.

From the first of October our team has been reinforced, improving the reactivity of our team. My apologies for the lack of response.