Get name of button pressed

Looking to have a generic help screen that I can open from about 20 different buttons. Instead of creating a different microflow for each button, is it possible to get the Name of the button pressed within a microflow?
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No you can not to my knowledge. The only thing you could do is using submicroflows. In the first microflow create a string with a name of the button and then call the submicroflow that is for all those microflows the same. You still have a seperate microflow for each button but the inner workings are all the same (ie the second microflow that is being called). This way when something needs to change you only have to do it in one place instead of 20.





this still seems to be the situation right?
I havge a similair issue I have some different enum's that trigger a MF that triggers a sub, the only thing the MF does is set which enum it is, would be sort of nice to be able to put that in the button itself I guess?