Email Template Module

I have installed EmailTemplate Module and am trying to follow the steps given in this link but unable to perform step 2. Add the Navigation items to Allow Users to Configure Settings. There is no Page or Microflow with the given names ( EmailTemplate.IVKOpenEmailSettings, EmailTemplate.EmailTemplateOverview) in the module.
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The documentation is outdated. The latest version of the Email Module doesn't contain the IVKOpenEmailSettings microflow and EmailTemplateOverview page. We created the snippet Administration (_USEME folder) which can be placed on a page. Add a new item to the Navigation for Administrator to access this page. Thanks for the feedback! We will update the documentation.


The microflow should be there. Isn't it IVK_OpenEmailSettings with an underscore?

Otherwise create your own microflow with the following actions:

  • Retrieve EmailSettings (first) from database
  • Split EmailSettings found?
  • Yes then Show Page EmailSettings with EmailSettings as Object to pass
  • No, then create EmailSettings and Show Page Emailsettings with NewEmailSettings as Object to pass