How to use Stories Api

Hi Everyone, Here: Stories API, there is some talk about Microflows that allow the manipulation of project tracking entities. Unfortunately i cannot find any info in regards on how to use these or where to find them.  On that page there is a link to a wsdl which i assume can be used to construct the required REST calls. However what am I missing, where is this discussion about microflows fit in? Any pointers would be much appreciated.
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As you have already discovered the Stories API documentation, you'll need to understand a couple of additional things:

  • How to implement consumed web services in your Mendix model (this is how you'll import the WSDL into your Mendix app).  Documentation here
  • How to call a web service action from a microflow.  This is how you'll call one of the dozen or so published microflows in the stories API from a microflow action in your model.  Documenation here
  • Finally, a How To might be helpful.  You can find that here

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Microflows is how Mendix publishes specific functionality as a service.
Thus the different microflows are the published capabilities of the Stories API with their input and output parameters defined.

Edit, your link seems to be broken it should be: