How to generate a PDF to display data as it is in a page with nested ListViews

Hi, In my application, I want to generate a PDF document which is a copy of the information in the page shown below: In the application i have three entities: Calculation Parent Child The above page contains a DataView of type Calculation, which contains a Listview of type Parent (highlighted in blue), which has nested in it a Listview of type Child (highlighted in red). I've attempted to replicate this display of data in a Document Template, but without listviews I can't see how it is possible. Can anyone give me a clue as to how I can create a Document Template to display the data as I have in the above page, or of any other way I could generate a PDF that looks something like the above?  
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With a domain model like this:

You can create a document template like this:

This is a DataView, with a nested TemplateGrid and a DataGrid nested inside the Templategrid.  You could also replace the DataGrid with a TemplateGrid.

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