Dynamic Value on Caption on browser

Hi, I want to show a dynamic text as a Caption on the browser when opening any page. Right now, it's showing the name of the page as a caption. Please check screenshot. Here, "Risk Overview" is the name of the page which is opened right now. Instead of "Risk Overview" i want to show the value of an attribute in one of my entities as a caption.
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Hi Varun,

You can acheive this with some Jquery and the javascript snippet widget.


Put the javascript snippet with datasource widget inside a dataview.

Create an attribute to use in the script.


Then add something similar to this in the javascript section (make sure to enable jquery).


jQuery(document).ready(function() { 

   setTimeout(function() { 

   document.title = '${variable}';

}, 100); 




Hope this helps!


Did you check the Dynamic HTML Title widget?