Excel export template

Hi Team I am using excel export template module (XLSReport module) for report generation. The pre-built functionality is working as expected. Now I have to add one more column to the worksheet. The column header is added in the excel export but the values from row number 2 is not added. i.e. I already have 10 columns exporting in my excel sheet. Now I have added one more column at position no 4. So my total columns are 11. So on header row there are 11 columns. but from row number 2 only 10 columns are coming instead of 11. the new column values are not populating. I followed below steps: Added new column in the entity which is assigned to input object of the sheet. Run the application. Refreshed the entity and modules and microflows in module reflection section. Added the new column at position 4 which got populated in input object section of creating  template. Generated report.
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