View contents of selected row on click of a single button

I have a View button on the top of the data grid. If I select row#3 and then on click of View button the document for row#3 should be selected. How do I make the document viewer show the document only for the selected row?
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Hi Madhushree,

You would need to put the document viewer widget inside a dataview of the document that you want to view. One way would to use an action button that has a parameter of the same type as the data grid and you would pass that object to a page with a dataview. Then you can use the document viewer widget to display your document.

Another option would to use a dataview on the same page as the data grid and set the data source to listen to the datagrid. This way you can view a document by selecting a row in the datagrid.


Hope this helps!


Thanks Austin.