Grid Export to Excel with $

Hi, We have attributes setup as type Decimal to show our currency with the "decimal precision" set at 2 and the "group digitats" set at "yes". Is there an option to easily add the $ in the grid and the export to excel that I'm overlooking?
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Hi Javan,

Have you tried using a calculated attribute? You could add one to to your domain model and use a microflow to add the dollar sign in front of your decimal attribute. You would only use this attribute for display purposes and the decimal attribute for all other calculations/logic.

Your calculated attribute microflow would just need this in your end event. It should be simple enough to not effect performance but just be conscious that calculated attributes can be a performance hit when running complex logic/showing a big data set.

'$' + $Entity/DecimalAttribute


I just confirmed in a sample project that it the export to excel shows the dollar sign.



Just add a new string attribute to your domain model and set the value to be calculated instead of stored.


Here is some documentation on calculated attributes.

Hope this helps!


Hi Javan,

As far as I know there are two solutions for this problem.

  • Convert it to a (probably in a non-persistent entity) String attribute for displaying purposes.
  • Otherwise you can add a prefix in the CSS class for that column. CSS has a property called content. It can only be used with the pseudo elements :after and :before.