while running application this error popup is coming like An error occurred while setting the value for type ModelRepository.ModelSetup.

If I verified logs below warning we can see:   Apr  3 12:03:22.537 - WARNING - Core: (2/4) Autocommitted objects are newly created objects which were not yet committed, but are inserted into the database because an associated object was committed. Apr  3 12:03:22.538 - WARNING - Core: (3/4) Autocommitted objects should explicitly have been committed, please check your model and apply the necessary changes. The autocommitted objects have been deleted from the database to prevent database corruption.Number of autocommitted objects per type which still existed for this session: Apr  3 12:03:22.538 - WARNING - Core: (4/4) - ModelRepository.ModelSetup: 1 object(s).
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Hi Satyanarayana,

I can think of one scenario when this might happen, you have two Entities A and B and both are associated with each other. So now you create an Object of A and an Object of B (to fill into the association created for A) within your app and you save the Object A (By Commit) by the end of flow. But you probably missed the commit of  Object B. This way Object B gets created, gets associated to Object A but when Object A is trying to commit to DB but the associated Object B doesn't exist in DB as it's commit got missed. Make sense?

Check the activities of object creation and see if you do commit the objects. In your case, my best guess is it must be newly created object of ModelSetup or its associated Entity. Thanks!