No corresponding meta object name (2)

This post contains a problem and solution with Mx Object Identifiers after restoring tables. The solution was that when the error '....has no corresponding meta object name' appears, the identifier had to be changed in the table mendixsystem.entityidentifier. This works so far. Now, on one table (tableX) this does not work. The short_id on this tableX is 678. When I show a page with this entity, it says The provided entity id '618' has no corresponding meta object name Now, when changing the short_id to 618, I get the error The provided entity id '678' has no corresponding meta object name. A perfect loop. Somehow, I have to force the model to change to short_id for tableX itself instead of making a database change manual. But I don't know how, renaming or moving the tableX does not work. I am confident that the problem is in this table because in the page contains an empty grid on the entity. Does anyone has a solution for this? Update: Some records in the entity where 'linked' to meta object name 678 and some where linked to 618. Since there was no way to force the short_id to change, we have decided to create a NewTable similair to tableX and convert all the data.
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