[meta] Why do we use the Submit answer field for comments?

I've been quite around some time at StackExchange and am used to the comment versus answer features. But I've noticed here on the Mx Forum that the comments functionality is often ignored and comments/general suggestions that aren't exact answers are submitted as answers. Is there a specific reason for this behavior? I know the next thing is bad habit (giving an example of a real happened situation, but not showing that one), but alright: For example, I saw a post that had 9 'answers', but were actually followups of suggestions and none of them actually had a final solution for the problem. "Try X", "Thanks, but that didn't work", "Ok, try Y", "Nope", etc. Instead of updating the initial answer, another answer was posted.. A real example in my previous topic. Just the first I could grab. René 'answered' "Submit an idea to Mendix". Sure, I will. But that is not an answer, but it's a comment.  Correct usage of these two would give a better overview between actual answers and simple comments. General honest curiosity. I'm not bashing :)
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I have considered preventing the question author from posting answers on their own question, but I am not sure how well this would work with the user experience and if it would just confuse users.

I decided to opt for the less restrictive option first to see how it goes.

Same with multiple answers from the same user. This would work much better by just editing the same post. Lots of users already do this, so I'm not sure how much we would need to force this.