Manipulate javascript data for Template Grid Filter

Hi, I have a template grid and I need to filter the results by getting the dojo data from the grid. Can I do that? Something like: var gridData = dojo.<some method>('pass the name of the grid') or va gridData = $('name of the template grid').<do something to get the data> Is there is some documentation related to read, please let me know. thanks in the Advance.
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Try using the following:

I think this should get you the grid wrapper

var gridNode=document.querySelector(".mx-name-"+ this.targetGridName);

Then you can use dijit.registry.byNode

var grid= dijit.registry.byNode(gridNode);

Once you have the grid you should be able to access the data.

grid._dataSource._pageObjs should hold the objects of the grid


Looks like Jason has this covered. You also might look at the code in a few of my widgets in the app store that do filtering like this:

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