Google maps widget and API key

I have created a widget that takes the device location and shows it on the map, allowing the user to drag the marker. Also, the widget does a reverse geocoding to get the address, or anything close to what might be called an address. Yes, a combination of the default Google maps widget and the geo location for phonegap. I noticed that the API usage does not get tracked at the Google developer console even with an API key set on the widget. After looking into the default GoogleMapsWidget I have no idea where the key goes. It seems the JavaScript does not do anything with it. However, there is quite a complex bit of AMD magic involved to trick a Google map into displaying itself into a widget. (BTW thanks for the hard work involved here! :-) ) The AMD loader module does state that a configuration must be created to get it to load the API key. However, I have no idea how to get that to work.
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