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Hi, We are using Appronto Validator to validate the fields on the page. It is helpful, however, we do want to ask if it is possible, to not show each individual validating message underneath the field that is validated. Instead, can we just highlight the field that needs attention. And use the bottom result pane to show which fields have validation errors? The reason we are asking is if each individual field has a pink box underneath, it can sometimes mess up the layout.  Thanks Ping
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Hi Ping,

Great the hear you also use this nice module for better use of feedback and (error) messages! 😊

In addition to Osama. Please adjust a more specific CSS to hide the feedback messages in your form by set an additional class on the dataview for example (showNoFeedback) so it's not immediately affect all your forms:

.showNoFeedback .mx-validation-message {
    display: none;

You can use the already present snippet ResultMessageSnippet to show all the validation errors (will only be shown if there is 1 or more errors so no additional conditional visibility is needed)

result is looking like this (already in demo available, just add class on dataview and add above css to your theme)


Please let us know if this all worked out for you 🤟


Hi Ping Gu, 

I've never used Appronto Validator. However, I think you can achieve the desired behavior by doing the following : 

1. Some CSS/Style customizing :

/* hides validation feedback ( hides the box that shows up underneath input fields ) */
.mx-validation-message {

/* e.g. red border color for invalid input fields */
.has-error .form-control{
    border-color : red;

2. In your validation logic you can set an attribute ( this attributes could be a member in the context object or a member of a non-persistable object used as a validation display helper <recommended> ) that holds validation results, and then use this attribute in your page in the appropriate place.

3.  Use conditional visibility to toggle (hide/show) validation result.


Hope this may help!! 

Best regards & good luck.