Error occurred during initialization of VM Error occurred during initialization of VM NoClassDefFoundError

I have a new version of the NoClassDefFoundError. I downloaded the model from the teamserver and try to start the model. I quits with the error below. I double checked the userlib directory for duplicated jars but see no problem there. Anybody a guess why I get this error? The buildcoreclean_log.txt says this: Error occurred during initialization of VM java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Object Regards, Ronald [EDIT] When I check the buildcorecompilelog I see this message: [javac] warning: C:\Users\Ronald\Documents\Mendix\Master Daywize-main\deployment\run\bin\asciiexporter\actions\ExportBO4mutatiesnaar_ASCII.class: major version 52 is newer than 51, the highest major version supported by this compiler. When I switch to jdk1.7.075 the model will start but it gives the warning that the model was compiled in java8. But when I switch to jdk1.8.060 the model will not start. Even the Clean model directory will throw the VM initialization error. [SOLLUTION] Bart Luijten gave me the sollution. The answer is to install the jdk again with admin rights. See also Strange though that the project was working normally, but only after changing some userlib or java code the problems start.
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Recently I had something similar and it turned out there were some double quotes missing on the java JVM extra parameters (aka commandline switches)