Delete old Tags on the team server

Does anybody have any experience with deleting old team server tags? Some of our projects are already 3000 different release versions old. Everytime that we'd like to build a new package / work on the branches, I see that it's reading / processing these old folders, which obviously is getting slower. To do some cleanup I'd like to delete all the tags that are older than a month. As far as I can see I can just delete these old tags using tortoise, because the revisions of the code are also stored inside the trunk / separate branches. Am I right with this? Won't there be any impediment from the Mendix platform?
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I think you can remove the tags using the TortoiseSVN Repo Browser. Open the project in Windows Explorer > right click > Tortoise SVN > Repo Browser. It should display the list of tags on the left side.

There used to be a bug where you couldn’t reset the highest build number (if say you deleted a tag with a higher number than your “latest”), but that looks to have been fixed.

Update: Found a way to batch delete tags. Change the URL at the top to be /tags instead of /truck. Then you can multi-select and delete them.


It will prompt for a message, and it is nice to at least say something, like “Deleting old tags”, because your actions do show up in the TeamServer page of your project.