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Hello, I am trying to make a simpel page with a photo uploader. The page works fine until i add in the navigation. It gives me the error: The slected page "PhotoViewer" expects an object of type "MyImage", which is not available here. In the domain model of the page i have an entity named MyImage that has a generalization from System.Image (from the standard System domain model). I also used the generalisation System.FileDocument I used the following mendix article:
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Hi jonas, 

In your navigation instead of using the open page activity, you can trigger a microflow that uses a create activity to create the "MyImage" object and the show page activity to open the page that you want. 



I recommend creating a page with a datagrid that has a data source of "MyImage" and have your navigation open that. Then in your datagrid, right click on the new or edit button and click generate page (for navigation layout choose popup). Now, you will have a page where you can view all images in the database, and when you click the new button, a pop up page will open where you can upload a new image.