ApprontoValidator question

Hi,  We are using ApprontoValidator version 2.1. My question is:  If I have one page that shows validation errors on the bottom of the page.  (which comes from ApprontoValidator.ResultMessageSnippet). If the user does not fix the error and moves back to a previous page, the same error still shows (highlighted in pink).  Is there a way to not show if I am moving to another page?  And it will only show if we are on the page that has validation errors? Thanks
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Hi Ping,

We already managed a validator reset when hitting a cancel button (this will do a rollback and reset) 😎. We now have published a fix for your scenario too. It will reset the validator also when the using the snippet who is showing the validation errors.

Please download the new version 2.1.1 with this small fix:

Cheers! 👍