IFrame redirect issues with mobile app

We have an app that is wrapped in PhoneGap via the portal build process. In the app we are trying the following: The app will construct a url The url is loaded in an iframe on a page in the app The site shown in the IFrame will redirect the user to the deeplink requesthandler of the app, where the result should be handled with the standard deeplink functionality. On the desktop this works fine, in a wrapped app this will however not function. There is no response in the application when the redirect is started in step 3 when performing the actions in a wrapped app. This does work fine in the app when opened with the Mx developer app. Why are we using an IFrame? When redirecting via the url redirector widget on the wrapped app, the browser of the phone is opened and when redirecting back from the opened site, the app is loaded in the browser, thereby loosing the functionalities for accessing the camera of the phone for example. Can anyone explain why the redirection in the IFrame does not function or does not function as in the desktop/browser version?
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Have you tried hooking up your wrapped app to a weinre instance? See this blog article and this website for details



I also have this problem. on the responsive browser it shows the external url in the frame.

On my phone with the Mendixapp, the frame stays empty

Am i still missing something, here ?