Adobe Brackets fail to create new widget

I cannot create new widget in Adobe Brackets. My scenario : 1) Open Adobe Brackets ( I have installed MX plugin ) 2) I select new widget then enter information ( version, name etc. ) 3) Click OK button but the process is stopped at 25%. I wait very log time but it's not perform. Please check your Adobe Brackets and plugin. I need to create my widget. My OS: Window7, 64bit. Log in console [] MendixGitHubManager.js:180 nameOfWidget: testhellow - directoryOfWidget: C:/Projects/POC/MX_Widget ErrorNotification.js:125 [mendix.wdpforbrackets-github-getUser] failed to run GitHub.getUser - timeoutErrorNotification.js:125 window.console.errorMendixGitHubManager.js:237 (anonymous function)thirdparty.min.js:556 jthirdparty.min.js:556 k.addMendixGitHubManager.js:236 MendixGitHubManager.createCloneMendixGitHubManager.js:152 (anonymous function)/filesystem/Directory.js:122 _applyAllCallbacks/filesystem/Directory.js:217 (anonymous function)/filesystem/impls/appshell/AppshellFileSystem.js:288 (anonymous function) MendixGitHubManager.js:240 [mendix.wdpforbrackets-github-getUserRepos] Thanks.
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Thanks for your comment. Yes, the Adobe Brackets tool uses internet. If it wants to create a new widget, it will download a copy of the AppStoreWidgetBoilerplate. So you always need to have an internet connection if you want to use this tool.

We have created a new tool: the Yeoman widget generator, which can be found here: Next week I will be giving a webinar that will describe these tools, see this page. The how-to for this tool is not available yet, it will be published soon as well.


You'll need to start brackets with administrator permissions. If you start it without these permissions on a wndows machine the process halts at 25%.


First of all, have you followed the basic constraints for the widget?

The author, license, package name, and name should only contain a-z and A-Z characters. The copyright should only contain a-z , A-Z and 0-9 characters. The version should only contain 0-9 and / or a . characters. The location should only contain a valid directory path.

If this doesn't help, please provide a log so we can see where the problem occurs:

  1. Go to Debug > Show Developer Tools
  2. In the Developer Tools, open the Console and leave that open
  3. Now create the widget using the MX Plugin
  4. If it fails or stalls at 25%, please check the console and see if there any errors. The brackets plugin should provide output on the console, starting with:

MendixGitHubManager.js:180 nameOfWidget: PackageName - directoryOfWidget: C:/Projects/ExampleWidget


[node-log xx:xx:xx]

Please provide that log so we can see where it fails


OK, I will tell you about my step, I open firewall and try to create widget again.

It's workkkk.

I don't know what the Adobe Brackets use internet to create new widget. It's surprise for me.

Thank you every one for help.


Hi Jelte, This is the log details :

    MendixGitHubManager.js:180 nameOfWidget: MyFirstWidget - directoryOfWidget: D:/Projects/Mendix/MyFirstPackage
    MendixGitHubManager.js:240 [mendix.wdpforbrackets-github-getUserRepos]
    MendixGitHubManager.js:237 [mendix.wdpforbrackets-github-getUser] failed to run GitHub.getUser -  Object {}
    MendixGitHubManager.js:237 (anonymous function)
    thirdparty.min.js:556 j
    thirdparty.min.js:556 k.fireWith
    /utils/NodeConnection.js:498 NodeConnection._receive

So, what should I do next? Thank you.


Please help me to resolve this problem.


I will refer to the same issue on Github. We are looking into it.

Furthermore, there seemed to be some problems with the Github API the last couple of days. Could both of you check if the plugin works right now?


Has There been any progress made on this issue?

I'm recieving the following error:

We could not clone the AppStoreBoilerplate. cleanup

[node-error 1:24:28 PM] [Launcher] uncaught exception at top level, exiting. Error: 9120:error:140770FC:SSL routines:SSL23GETSERVERHELLO:unknown protocol:openssl\ssl\s23clnt.c:766:

at SlabBuffer.use (tls.js:232:18)
at [as _read] (tls.js:452:29)
at (_stream_readable.js:320:10)
at EncryptedStream.write [as _write] (tls.js:366:25)
at doWrite (_stream_writable.js:221:10)
at writeOrBuffer (_stream_writable.js:211:5)
at EncryptedStream.Writable.write (_stream_writable.js:180:11)
at write (_stream_readable.js:583:24)
at flow (_stream_readable.js:592:7)
at Socket.pipeOnReadable (_stream_readable.js:624:5)NodeDebugUtils.js:114 handleLogEvent/utils/EventDispatcher.js:222 trigger/utils/EventDispatcher.js:260 triggerWithArray/utils/NodeConnection.js:479 NodeConnection._receive