Manipulate Existing List

I have following JSON structure: [     {         "Links": [],         "RequestedObject": {             "ContentId": 226980,             "ModuleId": 191,             "LevelId": 34         },         "IsSuccessful": true,         "ValidationMessages": []     },     {         "Links": [],         "RequestedObject": {             "ContentId": 226978,             "ModuleId": 411,             "LevelId": 206         },         "IsSuccessful": true,         "ValidationMessages": []     } ] So its an array of objects. I want to create a list of contentIDs present in Requested object. How do I achieve it using microflows? Or Do I have to use Java action?
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Hi Manish,

You should create a JSON Structure  in Mendix and an Import Mapping that will map the JSON structure to your Mendix entity.

Once you have these objects defined, you can create a microflow with an Import With Mapping activity to transform your JSON string into Mendix objects, that you can then manipulate to get the required list of ContentIds.

Hope this helps,

Arjan Huijzer