Add input fields other than Username and Password in login page

Hi All, I have created a login page where I have added authentication widgets Username, Password and SignIn button. I have added java action to override the default login action and calling a microflow from that class passing username and password as the parameter. I get all the parameters as arguments to this overridden method.  Then I make a rest call to our own login API and I am able to authenticate the user. It works fine.  But, to authenticate a user in our application, just username and password is not enough. We need a third parameter which would be required. For now, I have hardcoded that parameter while making the rest call. So, in login page where I added the authentication widgets, I need one more input field where the user would be able to enter the third parameter(Instance). Now every non-authentication input field widget requires a data view. I created that as well. But, in the overridden method, I don't get the third input field value as a parameter. How do I achieve it?  
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Hello ! Could you solve it? I have a similar problem