How to populate dropdown with list from a microflow

I have a microflow which does a simple retrieve of all the objects in my Category table which has one attribute Name. So the output of the microflow is a List of Category objects. I want to pass this list to a page and populate a dropdown list with it. I can not figure out how to do it. I don't want to use enumerations because Categories are added, edited, and removed by users. I can't use reference selectors because it does not involve a many to many association.
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A reference selector will work for a 1 to many association like this one. A reference set selector is for many to many associations. You don't need a microflow for this.

If you are in a page with a dataview, you should be able to navigate to Category.Name in the connector tab in the bottom right corner of the Modeler, provided there is and association between the entity your dataview is pointed to and the Category entity. Just drag the Name attribute from the connector tab to an empty space inside of the dataview (table cell, drop zone, etc.), the Modeler will create the proper widget for you, which is the reference selector. If you're unable to drop that attribute into the dataview, check the direction of your association.

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Got it to work. I was using Category as the data source and that was not working but when I switched the data source to another entity (Question) on the many side of the one to many relationship then the Category.Name showed as a drop down and populated with the Categories. I had to create a microflow to pass an empty Question to the page to get it to work because the page was expecting to be passed a Question entity. Seems like a bit of a hack but it works. Thanks for your help.