Set up OQL to return a list for microflow

I have a complex query for returning a list. I have read and one possible option is to use OQL query so tried using the OQL query. But I am not sure if I correctly done the microflow. What I did is have an Execute OQL statement then return the variable in the end event. But I am getting null pointer even if I changed my query to a very simple query. I will add screen shots below to show What i tried. This is the entity.   This is my microflow. This is the OQL statement.   This is the query.   This is the error.    
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You need to specify integer values for the Amount and Offset properties – the form lets you set them to empty but they cannot be empty. 0 is fine if you don’t have values to use.


Hi Martin,

The issue is with your OQL query. Here is a blog post that may be of help. It gives a good example of how to execute an advance oql query in a microflow.