Edit the mendix custom login page

Hi, I have a custom mendix login page which I can't access via the project explorer.  In the security settings I only access two microflows that open the first page of my app, after the login.  I found the login page in My Documents/Mendix/MendixProject/deployment/web/login.html  However if I change something to this page it gets overriden everytime the app is built. Also I can't commit my changes to the login page. How can I modify and commit this login page?
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The solution was fairly easy.

I modified the file from the theme folder: Users\myuser\Documents\Mendix\Myproject\theme\login.html

Once I've done the modifications I needed I commited them with tortoise SVN.

Now when building the app I have my modifications there, and are also propagated to all the other programmers working on my branch.