Open a page/view based on data grid row value

I have a data grid that contains different file types as rows. I want to render file content in a widget on row selection and I believe we don't have a generic widget that can render all file types so I am thinking of implementing below solution Create separate pages for each file type that contains appropriate widget to render files (Ex: PDF_Overview page contains File Document Viewer, Image_Overview page contains Image viewer widget, etc...) Invoke a microflow on row click Microflow decides which page to open based on one of the column value of that particular row   I am not sure whether above idea works or not. Want to check if there is any better approach to achieve my requirement.
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Hello Mohan,

Your solution seems to work fine. But if you want to give it a try....

You could try solving it using  different specializations of a FileDocument entity. A specialization for each type you want to treat differently.

Then you could use from the datagrid the functionality to link different "edit" pages for different specializations.