Sending out email to multiple email addresses?

Hi i'm currently using the Email with templates module in my project, the setup for this module is that the Email and CC / BCC value can contain up to 200 characters. Officially the maximum length for an email address is 320 characters, so I have a few questions related to this. Is it recommended to call the "send email" action for each email address separately in a loop? Or if I change the default length of these attributes to 320 and unlimited, does this break my email action? And if not how should I split my CC email values in this module? With "," or ";"
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When filling in multiple email adresses you should use the comma ",". And whether you send one email to multiple persons or that each person receives it's own email object depends if you use the read mail functionality. Because when you just send one to multiple persons the mail get's the read status when any one person has read the mail. I always opt to send the mail to each individual.