How to aggregate rows of several attributes of one entity within a data grid?

Hi to all of you, there is an "aggregate"-function for every column, but I don't see this for rows here: Actually, I want to sum up the values for each row, starting from "Jan" and finishing at "Dec" (so I even don't want to aggregate the whole row!) and display it at the end of each row. Do you have an idea how to accomplish that?   Regards, Laura
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Hi Laura, 

this could just be another attribute in the Planning entity that you already use. You don't really need an aggregate function on the datagrid for it in this case.

There are a couple of ways you can do this. You can update the 'aggregate' value on every save/delete/change of your planning object when a user saves, changes or deletes a planning. Or change it when necessary with an After Commit microflow of the Planning entity.