5.20 Calls datasource microflow when outer object changes

We are currently facing a number of issues with 5.20 which seem to all relate to the same change between 5.19 and 5.20. If we have the following setup: A dataview with entity A containing a dataview with entity B, loaded by a datasource microflow. In 5.19, when entity A is refreshed, entity A is refreshed and that's it. In 5.20, when entity A is refreshed, the datasource microflow for B is triggered. This causes the following problems: widgets contained in the dataview for B are triggered when we do not want them to. Validation feedback for attributes of B is wiped when A is changed. Did anyone else notice this change between 5.19 and 5.20? I cannot seem to relate it to the changelog for 5.20.
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Pieter I see your point. But wouldn't it have been better if you would have been able to specify this as part of the settings for the datasource microflow? Running the datasource microflow could potentially be expensive, and might not be needed at all in a lot of cases.