Warning triggered by two fields

In a form I have two field (A and B) of only one must be filled. I manage this via an OnChange Microflow which is connected to both fields. The error message is always displayed under field A. It works fine in all except for one case; in case you have filled both fields and you remove the entry from field B the error message is not removed under field A. I already entered a bugreport, but since all other cases works fine, making a logic to empty the error message should be a good work-around. I already tried parameters like Null or Empty, but that is not working. Any idea ?
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If I understand correctly, not only a minimum but also a MAXIMUM of one field must be filled. What exactly are you checking for in the OnChange microflow? Once you have ever entered some text in B (assuming this is a string field), its value will never be 'empty' again, instead you can check if the text equals '' (2 single quotes, meaning an empty string)

Example: $Object/B != empty and $Object/B != ''

This may be the cause of your problem.


So you want to remove a validation feedback message from an attribute without the user changing the field?

You can try calling a change object on your entity where you put the current value $attrA back into itself. Make sure you don't commit it but do put it on refresh.

Not sure if that'll work but might be worth a try.