How do I access data in reference set selector?

Hi All, I have a reference set selector and I need to call a microflow after selecting some rows. I need to access the selected data in the microflow. But, only containing object is passed as the ​parameter to the microflow. I am not able to access the data I selected in reference set selector. I need help with same.
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If you are using the reference set selector, you get the known datagrid with the selectable objects. Then set the selection mode to a multi select option.


Next, when i add the action button and create a new microflow from there, i can pass the selection on to the microflow. Is that what you want to achieve?


You can use a retrieve action with XPath to retrieve all the objects that have a reference with the passed object. I suggest you follow some lessons here:





I know I can do that. Yes. I don't see any change in the list of reference objects though when I can a microflow. I am not sure where I am wrong. 

I have a reference set selector. I am using reference set selector widget to select some of the items from the reference set. After selecting I call a microflow on click of a button. Tere I get the context object. But it still has the same list. as before. I can't identify which all I selected.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Thank you for your answer Ronald.