Troubleshoot Client Warning?

I have a page in my app that has a Listview with a number of objects in it.  This Listview has inline editing and is a bit complex, screen shot below: Everything on this page works well, however, when I delete a row (via a microflow invoked by clicking on the Trash can icon highlighted in the screen shot), I get a warning message for each remaining row on the page.  I have pasted the message from the Modeler below: attempting to unsubscribe already unsubscribed subscription [object Object] In the browser console, I see the same message, shown below: I would like to troubleshoot this, but don't see any obvious place to start.  Any pointers about how to determine what is causing this warning would be appreciated!
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Hi all, I just found a root for these warnings in our project ( (7.18.1). We were using the EnumClass widget for styling the Listview (items) and were seeing as many warnings as there were listview items displayed. We fixed our styling in another way now and removed the widget. The warnings seem to be gone so far!