Some mendix functions are not working anymore

I heard there was a security issue or something like that but now I am trying to use the New, Change, Delete buttons but none of them works with my new edit pages. All my projects have this problem. so I can't work anymore on it. Please fix it as soon as possible!
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Update I came to the conclusion that the Google Maps widget is causing trouble, because when I remove the widget it loads the page and as soon as I place it back on the page, then the page wont come up, have a solution for that?

@Thijs, I already checked that and it is set correctly

Also I am very sorry for saying it was mendix fault


Hi Niels,

Thanks for everyone in this thread for finding this issue! Like I said in Mike's thread, it seems this was caused by the new Big Decimals introduced. The Google Maps API doesn't accept those Big objects are actual numbers.

I made a quick patch for this which is now on the App Store! Google Maps Widget v5.3