Dropdown not closing

Hi all, in out app we have a dropdown menu which opens 5 buttons each of which is a link to a popup.  We've found that when you click on one of the menu items, depending on where you click depends if the drop down closes once it opens to pop up. Here is our downdown, my cursor is currently on the text "Activity" and this has underlined it. If I clicked now it would open my pop up and then close the dropdown.  However, if I clicked into the pink area (not on the text) it would open the pop-up but not close the dropdown.    So what I have done is change the render mode of the button from Link to Button   This has made it so the whole button does the same thing and there does not seem to be two different buttons. That solved the issue but made it so the button overflows the dropdown area shown below(need to investigate this, any tips would be more than welcome!)   Now to my question... In the dropdown properties there is an option for menu self-close...   This closes the the menu once clicked, but does not seem to close the menu when you have the render mode set to link and if you click the pink area of the button. (as shown in images above). Is this a bug, or am I missing something? Forgive any ignorance or if I am missing something obvious, I'm very new to this!   Many thanks in advance,  Garion  
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