Sprintr - Link between Documents and User stories and Tasks not visible

Hi,   When I add an attachment to a User story or Task, the attachment becomes visible in the Documents folder. From the Documents folder I can click on the file name, which shows me the Comments of the User story or Task to which I added the document as attachment. However, the User story and/or Task itself, the details and/or a link to the User story or Task are missing. It would be very helpful to show the user story/task  and its details, in order to see the context of the document and comments. Without this information it's very hard to find out why a document was uploaded and to which user story or task it belongs.   Any suggestions or workarounds?
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There is currently no option to view the story or task from the document added as a comment.

I would suggest to add this as an idea on the idea forum.

The only option I see is to add the ID of the story or task in the comment text, not a real solution but could be used as a workaround as you can search on the ID's in the stories overview.