Mfs On-view-change and Microflow with context object (Retrieve events for each view) do not trigger in calendar widget

In order to upgrade to the new version of the Calendar widget, I have downloaded the latest version in my project. After fixing the errors I got (since it is not backwards compatible), I tried to run the app. Nothing was retrieved. However, by setting breakpoint in my On-view-change MF, I found out that this MF does not get fired at all anymore. Neither does the "Microflow with context object (Retrieve events for each view)" option. Setting a breakpoint in this microflow shows it does not get fired either. If I use this same microflow for the "Microflow with context object" option however, it does get triggered, but then the Renderview object is empty, which is also logical, given that the on-view-change does not seem to get fired. I have created a Renderview object with the data view context object as a parent to it. I have tried both a persistent and non-persistent version of this Renderview object. Still the on-change-view microflow does not trigger. I have also tried to fill the Reference to ViewRender entity. However, It is only possible to fill this field correctly when a the Dataview context object is the child of the RenderView object in a *-1 or a 1-1. This is not what I expected at all, I would have expected that one Dataview object can be related to multiple RenderView objects in one session. What type should the relation be? What am I doing wrong?
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Can you add a new issue for this on the GitHub?

For all widgets that are on Github, we advice to create an issue on the github repository. This way other people can find, discuss and possibly solve this issue together. We also watch this list and it makes it a lot easier to keep track of these issues.