Constraining Paths and Xpath Constraint question

Hi everyone,  Currently my app uses a Input Reference Set Selector (IRSS) to link one of our persons records to an outcome for that person. The IRSS is "Constrained By" the path in the screenshot below.    This one path makes it so only the current persons Outcomes are shown, if removed outcomes from everyone are shown when linking the record. We have had some feedback from our mobile phone users that they are not able to select multiple outcomes at once. On the desktop version you hold control to multiselect. You can't however to his on a mobile phone.  I have switched it to a simple checkbox set selector (SCSS) but I am not sure how to add the same constraint in that will only show one persons outcomes.  I have wondered if there is something i can put in Xpath Constraint on the SCSS but I am still learning Xpath so forgive me I have missed something simple! Any help or suggestions on how this could be achieved differently would be much appreciated!   EDIT: I've been going over the xpath training and found I can use a mircoflow to put in the xpath constaint to the SCSS. I now need to learn how to turn this picture above image into an xpath constraint     Many thanks,  Garion   
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I think the answer from Dennis is correct.

The simple multi select is not a widget, but a setting of the IRSS, see