Cannot edit attribute in date view

Hi all,  I've been playing with a few ways of adding an entry to my database.  There is some core values that every entry will need, one of those is a dropdown, depending on what option is selects it depends on what additional information is required. Here is the domain model for reference. In CorePropertyInformation the Attribute name 'Attribute' is what dictates which of the other entities need to be filled in.  The way I am trying at the moment is having everyone on one page, and using conditional visibility to display what is needed.  Here is the page, the first section can be edited, however when I select a something from the Attribute dropdown (in this case it's set to charge) I cannot edit that information... Properties of the date view containing the bits that cannot be edited: Any help would be much appreciated! :)
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Hi Garion,

to add to what Eric said, the reason why you can't edit that dataview, is because that object does not exist. You can add an on change event to your attribute field, where it checks the value of CorePropertyInformation/Attribute in an exclusive split, and creates the correct object. In this case, if the attribute "Charge" is chosen, you would use a create activity that creates the "Charge" object and associates it to your "CorePropertyInformation" object.

Here is an example of what your on change microflow could look like.

I did a create activity for the value charge, for the other values I just put a placeholder, but you would replace all the merge activities with create activities. 


When did you create the "charge" object? Perhaps it doesn't exist? If that's the case, you could perhaps use an on-change microflow to check the existence of and create the correct object.


Do you have read/write access on attributes of the Charge entity? If not then you should set them to read/write.