Standard Mendix login widget on IE11

Hi there We noticed that in IE11 for the login widget our placeholder text for the field you are focussed on goes away until you are not focussed on the field anymore. As a standard the login widget defaults to the user name field. As a result the user doesn't understand what should be placed in this field. Older versions of IE and other browsers like Chrome/FF/Safari all show the placeholder text even if you are focussed on the field. This clearly sounds like a bug in IE11. We have a button outside of the login widget which we can focus on. This will show the text of the two input fields (username/password). I'm just not sure how to add the autofocus to this button instead. Switching off the "Focus username input field" in the login widget doesn't seem to remove the focus. Do you have any other ideas of ways we can get around it? Is there a CSS style element we can use to focus on the button not in the widget?
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Based on my research, the placeholder text disappearing is indeed a bug acknowledged by Microsoft in IE10 and IE11. Here's a StackOverflow discussion on the matter.

You have a few options:

  1. Edit the loginform widget to have labels
  2. Use the CSS "before" selector to add a label or instructions to the page via CSS
  3. Try this JavaScript in an htmlSnippet. It sets the page focus on whatever element has the firstFocus class