Lotus Notes -> anyone in the community has created a way to import a Lotus Notes app databse automatically?

Hi everyone, I want to build a concept app that is similar to an existing Lotus Notes app my company already has... Is there a way for me to do this automatically? Or at least import all the database data inside Lotus Notes to Mendix? What are my alternatives? Do I have to replicate the Lotus Notes app logic; create the data model in Mendix; and then create a way to import the data from the Lotus Notes database to my Mendix app? Or has someone in the community already automated some of these steps? Thanks
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I think this is a perfect use case for the Mendix 6 model SDK.

Using it, you could theoretically convert your Lotus Notes app into a functional Mendix app. From there, it would likely take just a few tweaks in the modeler before you had a working system.


Hi Louis,

Were you successful in migrating the Lotus Notes database to Mendix?