Change Data Capture on SQL Sever 2008

Change Data Capture (CDC) is used to feed a data mart with only those records which have changed. Has anyone else got a Mendix application based on SQL Server with CDC enabled? We switched on CDC for the database and when we tried to deploy the Mendix application it did this. "DROP INDEX [dbopipsandsubbies$jobCTclusteredidx] ON [dbopipsandsubbies$jobCT]; Cannot drop the index 'dbopipsandsubbies$jobCT.dbopipsandsubbies$jobCTclusteredidx', because it does not exist or you do not have permission. (SQL State: S0006, Error Code: 3701)" The index does exist. It is presumably required for CDC to work so I don't think I want it dropped anyway. Can we use CDC on a Mendix application database? If we can't use CDC with the Mendix database in SQL Server I guess we'll have to capture the changed records using Mendix' own create / change dates but this would require changes to the data mart ETL functionality.
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