Processing Meeting Invites

Hello, In my project I want to be able to send out an invite to a meeting, and be able to process the responses. To send the invites, I use the iCalendar widget, which works perfectly. To receive the invites, I use the IMAP_POP3_email widget, which does not work as intended. The IMAP_POP3_email widget is able to read emails, but apparently invites do not fall in the same category as emails, and therefore are not recognized by the widget as an email. As a result, it isn't read and cannot be processed. What I am looking for is a way to send invites for outlook, while being able for a widget to recognize that the invite is either accepted or declined. Neither widget I am using currently "needs" to be used, so if a different widget does work as I want to, switching is no problem. EDIT: To provide more information, the error I receive when trying to read emails with an appointment invite response in it is: "Error has occured while processing incoming email: Test1. The email will be hold in the Inbox folder and will processed with the next import." I hope this gives enough information, if it is of use to post the stack trace, I could also do that. Could anyone provide suggestions which widget/change could give me the result I am looking for? Kind Regards, Brent Vos
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The IMAP_POP3 module reads the mails from a folder on the server by means of a java IMAP library. The java-action does not handle calendar items at the moment, but it can be modified to do that. The code is fairly simple an assumes that everything is an email and the rest causes error messages and are skipped. Do you see messages like " Error has occured while processing incoming email..." in the console?