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I use the CKEditor widget in my projects and it works well, with one exception. If you have a table and wish to add or remove extra columns or rows, the positioning of the controls is really bad as shown below cursor position and these controls are highlighted): I cannot find any way to control the size or positioning of these controls, and I cannot select them using firebug to look at the css. Does anyone know how to adjust the positioning? Thanks Update I have downloaded and tested the latest version (1.7) and while there are some improvements to adjusting column sizing in tables, these floating controls to add or delete columns and rows are still problematic. They appear to be in a separate layer (they do not move when the page is scrolled). If they were positioned relative to the dom of the editor window they might be OK, but they are currently not. One other issue - the new version seems to trim off the last character of the text entered in the editor Update 2 No Ronald, I have not yet raised these on GitHub, but I have investigated a little further. It looks like the plugin.js file is missing from the CKEditorForMendix\widget\lib\plugins\tabletools directory. Adding this file (downloaded from adds a right-click context menu to the tables which allows easier control of table functionality. However, those strange mis-positioned controls are still there, but then you don't need to use them. Update3 A new version of CKEditor in the app store (1.7.1) adds a right-click context menu with options for manipulating tables more easily
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I looked into this and it seems we need to add a plugin to CKEditor for this purpose. I created an issue for this on Github (Add Table Resize Plugin #13), will see when I am able to solve this one. If you have improvements yourself, feel free to create a pull request :-)


Currently i am using CKEditor plugin in Mendix for Help Desk system. We have list of template and users will select template from combo. So, when user selecting template we are calling micro flow and assign body in to related attribute and refresh page. But htmlbody is not rendering as html.