How to use CSS in pdf template?

Hi there, I saw a solution to my problem (too long string starts onto a new line, which I don't want) in this thread: problem is that I don't know how to implement it properly. I tried posting the white-space: nowrap; overflow: hidden; into the custom styling on the column of the data grid: but it unfortunately didn't work  it kept posting the text to a new line instead. Could someone tell me how to do this right?
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Hello Desiree,

Unfortunately the CSS functionality in the document template is very limited and because of this it's very fiddly to get the styling right. I believe your CSS would work if applied to the span element rather than the table cell - which I don't think you can do.

You can try using a max-height with overflow hidden on the cell, however you need to be very cautious when forcing table proportions as you might end up with unexpected results. 

For example: "max-height: 30px !important; overflow:hidden;"

Hope it helps.