Constrain drop down search field

Hi all.  For context please see this forum post I've now set that up and it works perfectly (thank you Maarten!) I have now got a date grid to report on what objects are linked to entities A, B, and C.  I'd like to be able to restrict the search field B, based on what is selected in search field A.  The only constraint I can see is Xpath, and that queries the datebase so won't be able to see what i've selected in search field A? Does anyone know if what I want to do is possible?  
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Hi Garion;),

Unfortunatly this is not possible with the default datagrid. May questions like this have been aske before, for example: and 

If you really need this your best options is to create an entity(maybe non-persistant) with the searchfields as association/attributes and create a page with a dataview with those. With microflow datasources you can then get this done. Might be a bit off work.