Microflow passing value to data grid

Hello Application overview: I have a form with one Data view (restricting region from where included object comes from, working well, entity Region) including Data grid with incidents (entity Incident). I also have microflow triggered by button in data views control bar which accepts Region entity as parameter and selects incidents by complicated xPath ( for illustration lets just say I have button "Live" where live entries are ones with combination of isCanceled = "false" and progress != "finished"). Microflow just contains Retreive objects query and then returns them. My issue is to set entities returned by microflow to Incident data grid (I have tried to add "show form" activity to microflow, but even if Ive added another data view Incidents inside Region data view, modeller didnt allow me to pass Incidents, just region Ive received as parameter what is uselles to me). Thaks for all answers.
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First, this question and answer might help you.

Second, when you click on the 'live' button, you can trigger a microflow which opens a form containing a dataview of Region and a datagrid of Incidents with the xPath constrained. Make sure the datagrid should be nested in the dataview. Basically, it comes down to creating an extra form with the specific xPath constraints on it.